Office Equipment Calculator

Office equipment, CO2 emission calculator

Everything your organisation purchases has a carbon impact. This tool will allow you to calculate the carbon emissions associated with common office equipment purchases. Using this to monitor equipment purchases will help you see the impact of any projects you have to reduce, repair and reuse equipment. Click here to find out how the tool works

Emission calculator

Simply input the quantity of each piece of equipment purchased. The embedded emissions of those purchases will be automatically calculated for each category, as well as a total for all.

Equipment category Number of units Total embedded emissions (kgCO2e)
Laptop 0
Office chair 0
Mobile phone 0
Laptop stand 0
Mouse 0
Mousepad 0
Keyboard 0
Keyboard rest 0
Desk 0
Monitor 0
Laptop charger 0
Chair cushion 0
Footrest 0
Cables (assorted) 0
Total 0 0
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