Contractor Emission Calculator

Contractor CO2 emission calculator

Work carried out by contractors on your behalf has a carbon impact. This tool will allow you to calculate the carbon emissions associated with work carried out by office-based contractors (e.g. consultants). Using this with consultants will improve your carbon reporting, but also raise awareness of the need to manage emissions associated with contractors. Click here to find out how the tool works

Emission calculator

Ask your contractor to complete the form below (or do it with them) periodically or at the end of a contract. Total emissions associated with that contract are displayed at the bottom, and you can download the results as a PDF.

1. Details of contracting organisation

2. Energy use

Hours worked (total across the contract)

Electricity (kgCO2e) Gas (kgCO2e) Total (kgCO2e)
0 0 0

3. Travel emissions

Please enter a total mileage for each relevant form of car travel selected. Add as many as required.


Please enter a mileage against all other relevant forms of travel.

Type of travel Total mileage Total emissions (kgCO2e)
Train 0
Bus 0
Ferry 0
Motorbike 0

Total contractor emissions

This section provides an overview of energy and transport emissions relating to the contract. This section also provides the total emissions (expressed in kgCO2e) for the contract.

Total ENERGY use (kgCO2e)
Total TRAVEL emissions (kgCO2e)
Total Contractor emissions (kgCO2e)
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